Thursday, December 22, 2011

An In Bed True Cascadia Story (VIDEO)

Check out the latest endeavor from In Bed Studios, our glorious YouTube short film debut! Be sure to go watch it in HD... oh yes... HD. You can see every pore on our oily faces.

After the sale of the popular Portland internet radio station Cascadia.FM, what happened to the hosts of one of their most beloved shows, In Bed with Matt and Phil? The answer... may shock you. Find out in this true-ish docudrama covering the heroic journey of In Bed's Matt and Phil.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Episode 99: Kid's Show!!!

Matt and Phil deliver their promised G-Rated Kid's Show, despite the impending demise of Cascadia.FM as we know it. M&P take a few minutes to address the future of In Bed with Matt and Phil and tie up a couple loose ends, before diving head first into the world of children's entertainment. Find out if Matt and Phil have what it takes to put on a children's show, or if this will be an even bigger disaster than the Joe Paterno scandal.

Matt and Phil do all their usual shenanigans, with a kid's show twist. And stay tuned until the end of the show, when they crown the In Bed Smile Contest Winner! The world's biggest children's stars get In Bed with Matt and Phil, including Elmo, Santa Claus, Nicolas Cage, Michael Cain, Joel Osteen, Ray the Recess Monitor, Justin Bieber, Joe Paterno, Legendary Jazz Musician Sweet Baby James, George Clooney, and Ryan the Last Remaining African Black Rhino.

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

The End of In Bed with Matt and Phil?

As you may have heard, Cascadia.FM has been sold. The new owners are not keeping any of the current shows and podcasts, and broadcasting will cease at the end the week.

You can read all about it by clicking here.

So what does this mean for In Bed with Matt and Phil? The answer is: We don't know.

We will have our special "Kids Show" episode as promised this week, which will serve as our last episode on Cascadia.FM. Also, we will still have our 100th show next Monday, but it will only be available here on our website and to our subscribers.

We would love to continue making new episodes for all eternity, as this show has always been a fun and unique creative outlet for us. However, in addition to Cascadia.FM shutting down at the end of the week, our hosting site,, is also shutting down at the end of November. So after next week's show, we don't know when or where you'll be able to hear our sweet, soothing voices next.

Don't be mad at anyone. We heard there were some protests downtown over the weekend that got a little out of hand when (we assume) people found out In Bed with Matt and Phil might be going away. But that's the last thing we want.  We do want to thank Robert Wagner and Sabrina Miller for all of their hard work, day in and day out, on Cascadia.FM, and for giving us exposure and an audience we never would've reached without them. And we want to thank that lovable teddy bear Jay Mackin for finding us on Twitter. Cort and Fatboy said it way better than we ever could, so we want to echo everything they said about their gratitude for all the hard work. Click here to read what they had to say, because they actually know what they're talking about.

So to sum up, starting next week, no more In Bed with Matt and Phil on Cascadia.FM, and starting next month no more In Bed with Matt and Phil anywhere on the internet. But don't worry, you have until November 30th to go download all your favorite episodes from our archives.

We WILL be back! After the 100th episode we're going to take a hiatus. But we are researching different podcast hosting options, and considering expanding into additional forms of online media. And we assume it's also only a matter of time until we take over for Dongjay and Bitch on Z100.

We are always available to be In Bed with you, our loyal listeners, for 20 bucks, but the best way to keep up with us and get all of our latest updates is to like us on Facebook.

See you soon, In Bed Society.

XOXO Matt & Phil