Monday, April 25, 2011

Episode 71: Sleeping Beauties

Matt is out of town in Disneyland, but that doesn't stop him from hosting the show! Chris Hudson and Dick Boy join Phil in the studio, while Matt joins in live via "Skype" from Anaheim, CA for our very first unscripted episode. No pre-written questions or "comedy" bits, just four dudes talking about whatever random obscenities pop into their heads. Topics include: disgusting old people, Ho Hos, weird Easter traditions, death in Disneyland, Carnies, religion, dating single moms, playing hard to get, sexually indiscriminate sisters, swimming, committing to practical jokes, real estate, knee contact-induced erections, and SO much more!!

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Episode 70: Eve's Bloody Leaf

Local celebrity Oliver Forral joins Matt and Phil for the first time since episode 2, with his new-found fame as one of Portland’s only owners of the all new, all-electric Nissan Leaf. Hear all about his new Leaf, other new gadgets, all the news you can use and abuse in The Dirty Sheet, a special blood-soaked Pillow Talk, Phil’s new segment: An Interview with a Vampire (because he’s from Transylvania) featuring one of our top guest of all time, @YourMomLoves_It - Katelin, talking about...jeans? All this and much, much more!!

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Under the Tights X with Rome Philips and Gib Matthias

Rome and Gib discuss all the latest pro-wrestling news, including Wrestlemania XXVII and Edge's retirement. They also name their top ten dream matches and unused wrestler gimmicks. Oh, and Scott Hall is drunk again. Also, don't forget to check Rome and Gib out on Facebook

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Monday, April 11, 2011

Episode 2001

Matt, Phil, Dick Boy and special guest Chris Hudson try to figure out the meaning of life, love, and real estate. Also, what is The Stupid Shield and how does it protect dumbasses from death? Segments include: Dick Boy's Las Vegas Hangover, Keepin’ It Real Estate, Pillow Talk, Master Bedroom Debating, As a MATTer of Fact, Phil Your Mind, and much, much more! And, to make up for skipping episode 68, stay tuned until the end of the show for Matt & Phil's high school show In a Locker with Matt and Phil from the year 2001.

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Monday, April 4, 2011

Episode 69: Big Willie Style

Sir William Cuddy is the special guest this week, In Bed to talk about his relationship perils in a very special episode 69 Pillow Talk. Also today on the show: The Dirty Sheet, A MATTer of Fact, Phil Your Mind. Topics include: bad tattoos, women without make-up, things learned in school that were a waste of time, Selena Gomez & Jay Herrod, and much much more. Also, stay tuned until the end of the show, when Matt and Phil play a special surprise tape of a big Internet secret that no one else knows about. In the whole wide world.

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Here is the "non" pedophile talking about his love for Disney Channel star Selena Gomez.

Here is a special In Bed Online Exclusive Bonus Clip of Jay Herrod for your viewing pleasure.

And here are the Without Make-up pictures we talk about during the show.