Monday, November 14, 2011

Episode 99: Kid's Show!!!

Matt and Phil deliver their promised G-Rated Kid's Show, despite the impending demise of Cascadia.FM as we know it. M&P take a few minutes to address the future of In Bed with Matt and Phil and tie up a couple loose ends, before diving head first into the world of children's entertainment. Find out if Matt and Phil have what it takes to put on a children's show, or if this will be an even bigger disaster than the Joe Paterno scandal.

Matt and Phil do all their usual shenanigans, with a kid's show twist. And stay tuned until the end of the show, when they crown the In Bed Smile Contest Winner! The world's biggest children's stars get In Bed with Matt and Phil, including Elmo, Santa Claus, Nicolas Cage, Michael Cain, Joel Osteen, Ray the Recess Monitor, Justin Bieber, Joe Paterno, Legendary Jazz Musician Sweet Baby James, George Clooney, and Ryan the Last Remaining African Black Rhino.

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