Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Under the Tights with Rome Philips and Gib Matthias: Episode V

Canadian superstar John Canton, of the international pro-wrestling blog sensation The John Report, is Rome and Gib's special guest this week, chatting with the boys all the way from Toronto, Canada via Skype. John talks about everything from his personal history with pro-wrestling, to the current state of WWE & TNA, to the future of the biz, and much, much more! Listen to this show! It'll knock you the fuck out! Allegedly.

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 Super important links from today's show:
The John Report
John's Facebook
John's Twitter

Some of John's best articles from 2010:
Thank You Shawn Michaels
Paying Homage to Bret Hart
Respecting the Game
Why Randy Savage Mattered
Remembering Eddie Guerrero Five Years Later
Twenty Ideas for WWE to Consider

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